I could have said I was under the influence of the night
Thick with honeysuckle in the air
but you knew it was the stuff I’d been drinking,
so strong it made me sick in the pachysandra.
I was looking for trouble, it was
elemental when I was told by everyone that
you were the best thing that could happen to me.
So when I saw your brother
under a fan of gingko leaves with lightning bugs
transforming him into some sort of beacon for my depravity,
things just fell into place.
After a couple swigs from his flask I couldn’t feel the bugs
feeding off of me. I was trying to figure out
if the way he looked at me was a smile or
a sneer, when he grabbed my shoulders with
hands so dark, his fingers etched violet and red
from a history in pyrotechnics.
It was all your fault really. You had to
be a prince among men, you had to
fall for me when he just wanted sex. How could I
explain the bruises or my hysteria
when you unearthed me from
your mother’s snapdragons? You tended
my tears and the bites on my arms,
while my intent was on how to see him again.

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