place to be

bridgereflectionNow I’m weaker than the palest blue
Oh, so weak in this need for you.

~ Nick Drake

Nick Drake is one of my favorite musicians but he’s also one of the most depressing. His songs are so beautiful, yet incredibly sad and filled with longing. This quote comes from the song Place to Be, off his last album Pink Moon. Pink Moon is arguably the best of his albums. It’s also the darkest. Years ago I filled out one of those inane 25 things about me and said if my life came with a soundtrack there would be a lot of Nick Drake on it. I wrote that because I thought; gee, that sure would be a lovely soundtrack to have for one’s life, but also because I’ve struggled with depression for years. No words can adequately describe the hell on earth in my head that occurs with depression.

“The human heart is like a microcosm of all things. There we can find both the gate of paradise and the gate of Hades. I’m convinced that if we do not first find paradise within our heart then we will never know it otherwise. Salvation may be eternal, but it is also immediate.

To stand before the closed gates of paradise within the heart and weep is to begin to pray.”

~Father Stephen Freeman

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